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XCLUSIV FOTOS: Mildred Absent At Keitta’s Press Conference
posted on Tuesday, 17th January 2017 - [ 3465 views ]
Even though the only couple in Big Brother Stargame; Keitta and Mildred, entered the game happily together, all seem not to be well between the evicted Ghanaian couple presently.

Rapper Eazzy (real name: Mildred Ashong) was visibly missing at Keitta’s press conference today July 27, 2012 at Holiday Inn Hotel to the surprise of media men present who were obviously expecting her to be there to support her model boyfriend.

Keitta spoke positively about his girlfriend Mildred and insisted their relationship is still intact all through the press conference. However, if all the issues that happened between them whiles they were together in the house, how Mildred decided not to come on stage with him when they came up for eviction over Brazilian hair, the controversy between Mildred and Keitta’s big brother Reggie Rockstone and her absence today is anything to go by, then things are not the same between the Ghanaian couple.

After her eviction she was accused of not supporting Keitta when he was still in the game but this came out to be false accusation with the revelation of several communications by Mildred on facebook, twitter and other social media, campaigning for votes for Keitta anytime he came up for eviction.

When Peacefmonline.com asked Keitta why Mildred aka Eazzy was not there to support him, he said she was engaged with other things which will benefit both of them and they both agreed on the fact that she was not going to be present.

Asked why he said on stage that he didn’t know her girlfriend Mildred 100 per cent before going into the house, he explained that he didn’t really mean it that way but it might have come out like that perhaps because he felt a lot of tension and shock on the eviction stage on Sunday and this led him not really being clear.

“What I really mean is that as human beings, we can never know somebody 100 per cent. That is where trust comes in. I knew Mildred really well before entering the house and got to know and love her even more in the house. That is what I really meant to say”.

It is obvious the two have a lot of patching up to do in real life after Big Brother, and only time can tell if their love can really stay strong after everything that happened.

Keitta who was evicted last Sunday from the Pan-African reality show, after spending eleven weeks in the BBA house, arrived at the Kotoka International Airport at about 9:30pm on Thursday July 26.

Keitta spotted in black T-Shirt mourning the late President Mills, was accompanied by hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone as well as radio presenter, Benny Blanco. He revealed that the only thing he regret doing while in the BBA house was to smoke live on continental television.

About what he is going to do with the BBA fame, Keitta said he is going to work on his modeling career and also establish his entertainment company to promote Ghanaian and African music all over the world, adding that he is also going to launch a new clothing line, produce “I Am Hiplife” branded T-Shirts and market it in Africa and beyond.

Keitta is planning a big welcome party at a date and a venue to be announced later and he is expected to return to South Africa for the Big Brother Star Game finale on Sunday August 5, 2012.

He also revealed that he will be in Nigeria this weekend to attend the birthday party of Nigerian housemate Ola who left the house voluntarily with his partner Chris on health grounds.

Keitta poses for the camera

Keitta and Chris

Keitta looking into the future


Keitta Meets The Press In Ghana

Keitta and Benny Blanco

Keitta Meets The Press In Ghana

Keitta Meets The Press In Ghana

Keitta Meets The Press In Ghana

Keitta with Ameyaw Debrah

Keitta showing pictures from South Africa

Keitta in an interview

Hiplife life grandpapa- Reggie Rockstone

Reggie with Multi-choice staff

Benny Blanco, Keitta and Reggie

Osei bothers

Keitta and Reggie

Family affair: Keitta and his big bro. Reggie Rockstone

Keitta, Lexis Bill of Hitz FM and Reggie

Keitta and Anne
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